1 October 2018

Make the Most of Your Serviced Office Space: Networking Tips

Networking often sounds harder than it actually is. At its core, networking is simply making yourself available for conversations with new people in and related to your industry of work, and making new contacts that could serve you in the future.

But networking, while it has many benefits, is often difficult to fit into a schedule that involves spending most of your time working in an office with people you already know. It can often mean having to go to after-work drinks and events, which aren’t always practical – and where people are usually keen to leave their work at the door.

And herein lies just one of the many benefits of a serviced office space. Shoreditch may have plenty of other venues for meeting new people, but an advantage of a space like Proper Office is that you’re given the opportunity to interact with professionals working at all sorts of different companies during your working day. Here’s how to take advantage of that, and keep on top of your networking game.

Be prepared

The best networkers are the ones with their elevator pitch memorised and a dozen business cards in their top pocket.

No one would advise memorising your entire spiel, but it’s worth putting in some time to ensure you don’t waste time when it comes to opening lines. Have a clear-cut opening line for when you meet someone new and they ask you about your role and the company you work for.

Likewise, if you’re working on a big project you’re looking for outside help on, it’s worth being sure you can summarise this in a nutshell, in case it comes up in conversation and you don’t want to be caught off-guard.


The best impression anyone can give is being a good listener. And this doesn’t just mean appearing to listen with the odd nod and affirmative noise – it means really listening. This way, you can ask insightful questions and make others feel interesting and important – any conversation goes two ways, and you should be thinking about more than what you need from someone. Being a good listener will ensure you come away from a conversation liked and remembered. Remember that

Take advantage of shared office space

The best opportunities for networking will come at times when you least expect it. You may just meet someone interesting while warming your food up in the microwave.

To take advantage of this, make sure you get away from your desk on breaks and at lunch, to make use of communal space. This is much easier in a shared office space; Shoreditch has many to offer, as well as further afield in London and beyond.

See if your office has a communal breakout area downstairs. You never know what business opportunities you’ll come across while making lunch or playing a game of ping pong in Proper Office’s breakout space or rooftop area, for example. Spend some time in these communal areas winding down and talking to those working in other offices. Shared offices may also have communal kitchens, gardens, or may even have regular after-work drinks between offices.

Whether you’re networking in a shared office space, Old Street bar or at a pre-arranged networking event, taking the time to interact and engage with people can be a crucial part of opening up new business opportunities – and you never know when those opportunities could arise.

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14 September 2018

Meet the Professionals of London: Karen Lane

With its reputation as London’s start-up and small business centre, Shoreditch is home to some of the city’s most driven and engaging professionals. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise working away within the office space Old Street and its surroundings have on offer, and we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pick their brains for advice, tips and inspiration.

This week we will be profiling Karen Lane, Group Managing Director at Plus 1 Communications, an integrated storytelling agency based in our serviced office space on Great Eastern Street. We sat down with Karen to find out more about herself and her career.

What are the main things you do in your role?

At P1C, we pride ourselves on creating profitable partnerships. We describe ourselves as modern storytellers, but essentially, we are a communications company that aim to convey brands stories across an ever changing, technically evolving consumer landscape. We know that the bottom line is an issue for every business, so it is essential that we balance creativity with commercial sense. My fundamental role is to develop long term partnerships that eventually create profitable results for clients, staff and of course shareholders. The diversity of roles that I undertake is huge but I guess that’s the same for all managing directors.

What are the first three things you do when you get to the office in the morning?

I am always online from 6am to check in with the teams in Dubai and Mumbai so by the time I get to the office there are usually a lot of updates. As soon as I reach the office I always catch up with my London team, take a sip of my green juice or sugar free Red Bull (depends on the day), and check my spreadsheets!

How did you get your start in your career? 

After graduating in Mathematics, I spent my early years working in the UAE and India. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time as is the case for many things in life. The key is recognising the opportunity, having a real passion for something and then taking a chance.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Diversity. The opportunity to interact with a wide range of people on a daily basis and being able to work with like-minded people to help grow their businesses.

What is your least favourite thing about what you do? 

That I sometimes have to accept that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t please everyone.

Where do you work: rented space, serviced office, owned office, co-working space etc? Why?

I work in a serviced office space. Shoreditch offers many office solutions and I must admit I love the convenience the space offers. I appreciate that everything is taken care of for me from my phone bills to my internet connection – the staff at Proper Office make sure no detail is spared and it takes a lot of unneeded stress off my plate.

How important is office environment to you?  

We spend so much time at work, so it’s important to me to create a positive and productive environment to ensure my employees happiness and well-being.

Do you prefer open plan or individual offices? Why?

I like an open plan office space so that I can be integrated fully within my team and in turn so that they can collaborate with each other easily. We are a communications agency so conversation is essential! Although, there are days when a soundproofed cell also seems inviting!

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?

I would almost definitely still be doing something in media, maybe in the film industry! Alternatively, I would have set up a French bulldog day care centre with the first 2 residents as my two French bulldogs, Pixie and Raven.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting in the business? 

Be realistic. Don’t be discouraged when something doesn’t go right in the first instance as it rarely does. Be honest and friendly and respect everyone you work with, as you need good friends and people to help you get to your end goal. The glass must be half full so only work with people that say ‘I can’ and not ‘I can’t’, but also don’t beat yourself up when things fail. Just learn and move on.

Did you have a mentor?

I have had the privilege of working and learning from many great entrepreneurs, so it is hard to single one out and I do have the daily guidance from a wonderful set of board members, which is a great benefit.

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

What keeps you awake at night?  

As anyone who owns a business knows, it is tough and there is a lot of personal responsibility towards your staff, creditors and shareholders but equally the excitement of knowing that tomorrow is another day full of possibilities. The fact is, that if you do not wake up excited to get going, then you are in the wrong job or business. I simply love what I do.

If you enjoyed learning about Karen, watch this space for our monthly ‘Meet the Professional’ series, where we will be interviewing a new professional each month and sharing everything from what they do, to what keeps them up at night.

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23 August 2018

Where to eat, drink and be merry in Shoreditch this September

The Ins and Outs of Shoreditch: September

Over the previous decade, Shoreditch has more than secured its place as one of the country’s best places to locate your small business or start-up – and there’s a reason for that, beyond the excellent professional community and global tech hub of the so called ‘Silicon Roundabout’. It’s also a social and cultural hotspot, with plenty of restaurants, bars and events venues to choose from.

In the first of our new monthly series exploring the ins and outs of the Shoreditch area, we take a look at some of the best places to eat, drink and be merry near our premises.

Where to eat:


As you may have gathered from its name, there are plenty of meaty menu options to choose from at MEATMission, from burgers and wings to their trademarked monkey fingers – strips of chicken coated in batter and sweet chili sauce. What may not be quite as clear is that Mission part of the name is a reference to the former use of the restaurant’s premises – a Victorian era mission.

Inside, the mixture of the religious setting, pop art decorations and neon lighting, combines to create an atmosphere that’s halfway between a quirky cocktail bar and a medieval chapel. It’s certainly one of the most unique restaurants in the area, as well as being one of the most photogenic, if you’re someone who likes to capture for Instagram posterity.

Where to go for a drink:


Another Shoreditch haunt that succeeds on the strength of its quirky décor, Trapeze describes itself as displaying ‘faded circus glamour’, with its ceiling covered in trapeze harnesses and various other circus related equipment. Of course, décor and ambience can only get a bar so far, and Trapeze also delivers when it comes to its drinks selection, cocktail menu, and its award-winning happy hour – lasting from 4-10pm Monday to Wednesday, and 4-8pm Thursday to Saturday.

There’s also a basement bar and dance floor, that plays host to events and DJs late into the night, making it an ideal place for both after work drinks, and an after drinks night out.

What else is going on?

The Shoreditch Design Triangle

As the London Design Festival prepares to celebrate the city as ‘the design capital of the world’ throughout September, its Shoreditch centric offshoot, the Shoreditch Design Triangle, will also be gearing up.

From the 15th to the 23rd of September, Shoreditch will become a giant open-air museum, with a number of free exhibitions, installations and art projects to be found– ranging from a fresh look at the story of the humble chair, to several innovative, immersive outdoor spaces for relaxing and exploring, including one made entirely from the sustainable Mexican fibre sisal. It’s a perfect opportunity to see the streets and spaces you pass every day completely transformed into something intriguing and inspiring – so make sure to keep your eyes out!

Shoreditch is one of London’s best places to work and explore, which is why we’ll be bringing you our picks of the best it has to offer every month. Make sure to keep checking the blog to get all of our recommendations.

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23 August 2018

Why a Serviced Office Could be the Optimal Solution for You

Traditionally, when companies wanted to set up an office space, they would have to buy or lease a space. However, in this millennium you have the option of office spaces that are already made for you, offering a new kind of convenience.

Coined as ‘the new kid on the block’ – co-working spaces are a trend on the rise, gaining popularity as they attract young freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for somewhere fun and cool to work.

While co-working spaces are great, especially if you want a lively atmosphere and somewhere you can come and go as you please – they don’t offer things many have come to expect from an office, such as privacy, consistent availability of breakout spaces and meeting rooms, and a professional environment.

The solution? A serviced office.

While not as much a trendy buzzword as co-working spaces, serviced offices offer many of the same benefits but with several added bonuses.

What is a Serviced Office Space?

A serviced office space is an office that is all set up and ready for its tenants to start using the moment they’ve signed the lease. This means that furniture is already in place, phone lines and internet cables are installed and the utilities are taken care of. All the tenant has to do is show up and get to work.

Not only is your office set up taken care of, your office space will include managed reception services, administrative support, cleaning services and security to give you peace of mind.

Just like a co-working space, serviced offices include communal spaces and conference rooms for tenants to use. However, unlike co-working spaces, tenants have the option to retreat to their office for a quiet and professional atmosphere in which to work in or stay to socialise and collaborate with co-workers or other tenants of the space.

Serviced office spaces also have the benefit of shared office equipment such as fax machines, AV equipment, copiers, etc.

What Sets Proper Office Apart

Serviced office spaces have the disadvantage of sometimes having a generic and unpersonalised space, which can deter potential clients. Lack of character however, is not the case at Proper Office, as our two serviced office spaces in the heart of Shoreditch feature communal spaces bursting with personality, which can be seen through its modern furnishings and decoration, the presence of daily fruit flavoured water, snacks and our friendly staff who are always happy to help out with a smile on their face.

As an added bonus, our location at 2 Bath Place features a ping pong table, while 64 Great Eastern street features a charming rooftop garden offering a relaxing common space for tenants to enjoy or to share with their clients for a scenic meeting place. Something else that sets Proper Office apart from co-working spaces and serviced office spaces alike is the personalisation we offer to each and every one of our tenants, from services and amenities to personalised touches to their private offices. For example, one of our tenants requested a seating area in their office, a request that we happily fulfilled – we delivered to them a comfortable sofa and arm chair, ensuring they had a dedicated area to entertain clients as well as a place to relax as a team.

As we hope you can see, a serviced office is a great office solution and we hope you’ll consider Proper Office should you decide it is the right solution for you.

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