23 August 2018

Why a Serviced Office Could be the Optimal Solution for You

Traditionally, when companies wanted to set up an office space, they would have to buy or lease a space. However, in this millennium you have the option of office spaces that are already made for you, offering a new kind of convenience.

Coined as ‘the new kid on the block’ – co-working spaces are a trend on the rise, gaining popularity as they attract young freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for somewhere fun and cool to work.

While co-working spaces are great, especially if you want a lively atmosphere and somewhere you can come and go as you please – they don’t offer things many have come to expect from an office, such as privacy, consistent availability of breakout spaces and meeting rooms, and a professional environment.

The solution? A serviced office.

While not as much a trendy buzzword as co-working spaces, serviced offices offer many of the same benefits but with several added bonuses.

What is a Serviced Office Space?

A serviced office space is an office that is all set up and ready for its tenants to start using the moment they’ve signed the lease. This means that furniture is already in place, phone lines and internet cables are installed and the utilities are taken care of. All the tenant has to do is show up and get to work.

Not only is your office set up taken care of, your office space will include managed reception services, administrative support, cleaning services and security to give you peace of mind.

Just like a co-working space, serviced offices include communal spaces and conference rooms for tenants to use. However, unlike co-working spaces, tenants have the option to retreat to their office for a quiet and professional atmosphere in which to work in or stay to socialise and collaborate with co-workers or other tenants of the space.

Serviced office spaces also have the benefit of shared office equipment such as fax machines, AV equipment, copiers, etc.

What Sets Proper Office Apart

Serviced office spaces have the disadvantage of sometimes having a generic and unpersonalised space, which can deter potential clients. Lack of character however, is not the case at Proper Office, as our two serviced office spaces in the heart of Shoreditch feature communal spaces bursting with personality, which can be seen through its modern furnishings and decoration, the presence of daily fruit flavoured water, snacks and our friendly staff who are always happy to help out with a smile on their face.

As an added bonus, our location at 2 Bath Place features a ping pong table, while 64 Great Eastern street features a charming rooftop garden offering a relaxing common space for tenants to enjoy or to share with their clients for a scenic meeting place. Something else that sets Proper Office apart from co-working spaces and serviced office spaces alike is the personalisation we offer to each and every one of our tenants, from services and amenities to personalised touches to their private offices. For example, one of our tenants requested a seating area in their office, a request that we happily fulfilled – we delivered to them a comfortable sofa and arm chair, ensuring they had a dedicated area to entertain clients as well as a place to relax as a team.

As we hope you can see, a serviced office is a great office solution and we hope you’ll consider Proper Office should you decide it is the right solution for you.

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