20 November 2018

Make the Most of Your Serviced Office Space: Taking Some Time Out

Working in the same office space can get extremely monotonous, especially when you see the same people every day and stare at the same plain walls. However, a serviced office space is not your ordinary workplace. It provides more than just a space to work. Proper Office offers a flexible working space with communal areas that recharge the batteries and encourage bonds to form between colleagues and other businesses. It’s no wonder that freelancers and start up businesses are all flocking to sign up, so if you’re looking for a shared office space for rent, Shoreditch is the place to be. How can you transform and benefit from a serviced office space? Here are just a few suggestions from Proper Office to take on board when considering this choice.

The Importance of Nature

Adding nature to your working environment has a bigger impact on your productivity than you think. A lot of office spaces don’t budget for adding a few indoor plants or flowers for the employees to enjoy but science tells us that nature does in fact make us happy.

We all long to be outside when we’re at work, particularly during the Summer but bringing the nature in, lifts our mood and improves our productivity. One of the ways it does this is through adding cleaner air to the atmosphere, which is a must when living in an overly polluted city.

Breakout Spaces to Relax and Reflect

With many a shared office space, Shoreditch is a hub for numerous digital start-ups and therefore many of the jobs at these offices require you to be sat in front of a screen for the majority of the day. That’s neither good for your health or for your work, therefore having a breakout area is crucial for us humans, so that we avoid having lunch at the desk, giving our eyes a much-needed rest.

Ever stared off into space and allowed your mind to just switch off? In London, it’s a city that’s always constantly busy, working round the clock and as city residents, we don’t allow time to just sit back and reflect. A breakout space is essential and if you’re after a shared office, Shoreditch is home to many.

Making Time to Socialise

It’s in our nature to long for connection. We need to socialise or else we would have a pretty lonely existence. By having an office building that is shared with other companies, it gives you the chance to develop relationships amongst like-minded people like yourself. At Proper Office, we offer breakout spaces with ping pong tables to give our tenants a place to enjoy their well-deserved break and network with others in the building.

As a new business, the networking opportunities can be essential for getting your foot in the door and meeting people who could potentially rocket your venture to where it needs to be.

If you’re after managed office spaces, Proper Office offers several properties in Shoreditch and Putney that can suit your business’ needs, whether you’ve just started out or need a new scene to help improve work productivity and growth amongst the staff and your company.


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5 November 2018

The Ins and Outs of Shoreditch: November

Christmas is fast approaching and this means that festive decorations are aplenty all over London. Near and around our serviced office space, Shoreditch is no different. You can expect to see all of the local businesses taking part in celebrating this wonderful time of the year. There’s plenty of things to see and do this month to get into the Christmas spirit.

Where to eat

Working in the neighbourhood of Shoreditch has its perks, including a variety of places to eat. As it approaches the festive season, there’s also plenty of offers available. Busaba Bangkok Thai offers a casual and contemporary setting that’s great value for money and therefore a godsend on your bank balance. They’re currently offering a Christmas Banquet or Feast that are great for big groups. Office Christmas party anyone?

If you fancy something a little more upmarket for a fraction of the price, Nobu has a delicious afternoon tea menu for just £30 per person. This festive treat includes your standard selection of sandwiches, hot beverages and a glass of prosecco.

Where to go for a drink

When it comes to our shared office space, Shoreditch is the perfect location for group drinks. If you want something a little different, Ballie Ballerson is the perfect venue to drink and bring out the inner child. It’s the first ball pit bar to ever come to London and is a fun atmosphere whether you’re on a first date or having after work drinks with colleagues.

Famous for its main ball pit that GLOWS, the venue also offers some very nostalgic cocktails that pay homage to the sweets you enjoyed way back when. They also do a boozy bottomless brunch with two hours of unlimited prosecco – but perhaps save that one for the weekend.

Another spot to visit is Cirque, another quirky bar that offers happy hour on cocktails for just two for £10. With its eccentric interiors, it’s a great spot if you’re new to the area.

What else is going on?

Ever been to a pop-up event? It’s a great way to discover new businesses and there’s another one coming to Shoreditch on the 9th November.  Chicken n Beer has thrown pop-up parties all over London and this time, Flavas is playing host. It’s expected to sell out so if you love festival style food and drink and twerking badly in front of strangers, this is your scene.

Since gin is no longer the spirit enjoyed mainly by the older generations, London has become a popular attraction for various cocktail bars, emporiums and festivals all dedicated to Gin. The Gin Journey London is a tour through the neighbourhood of Shoreditch. You’re chauffeured from one bar to the next where you’ll enjoy many samples of this spirit in different forms. It’s a great one if you’re celebrating a birthday and need to control a crowd of friends.

If you’re looking for an office space, Shoreditch is the ideal spot that offers more than traditional offices do. We’ll be bringing you our picks of the best it has to offer every month. Make sure to keep checking the blog to get all of our recommendations.

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