12 July 2019

The Ins and Outs of Shoreditch: July

Summer is finally here – and we are loving it! The rooftop over at our Great Eastern Street location is getting great use thanks to you all. We’re back again to give you the latest happenings in Shoreditch so you can make the most of your time in this amazing area. Here are our top picks for food, drink and things to do.

Bar of the month: Kill The Cat

This is a great place for all you beer lovers out there. What seems like a trendy version of an off license in Brick Lane, is actually a shop dedicated to one of Britain’s favourite alcoholic beverages. With a selection of over 100 different craft beers that are continuously changing, we are pretty sure this is going to quickly become a firm favourite. What’s more, is that this shop is also a bar, so grab a bottle and pull up a stool. Beers range from well-known brewers like Beavertown, Partizan, and Verdant, to the lesser-known like local Homerton brewers Boxcar and La Franche from the La Ferté commune. But the fun doesn’t stop there., Kill The Cat also regularly hold tasting sessions, compared to the marque of wine tasting by one customer, advertised on their social media, so keep a lookout.

@killthecatbeer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Restaurant of the month: Cocotte Hoxton

This is a second opening for the Cocotte brand, with its roots planted in the west in Notting Hill. Cocotte best known for their French roast chicken and their whole approach to food is from an ethical and wholesome perspective, focusing on healthy food and using free-range birds sourced from an independant farm in the Loire Valley. If you’ve been longing to visit Paris, or you’ve just come back from some time off, this is the place to visit. The brainchild of founder and chef Romain Bourrillon, this is as authentic as it gets for French cuisine in London – think a Parisian twist on Nandos but on a much smaller scale. Their speciality is their 24 hour marinated roast chicken, cooked traditionally on a spit. If you go for the chicken, we recommend pairing it with the roasted root veg or ratatouille, plus garlic mayo or gravy. As for dessert (if you have room) the chocolate and hazelnut tart is absolutely divine! A cosy location, we think you’ll come away happy and with full stomachs.

Events this month:

Adidas City Run 10k Shoreditch – 14th July

A greatly anticipated event that’s always a huge hit, the adidas City Run 10k returns to Shoreditch this month. Open to all levels of athletic ability, whether you’re up for some fun or a serious runner, this promises to be a vibrant and energetic running event, in the creative heart of the capital. The running route itself is flat and as it winds through the streets, you’ll pass colourful street art, local supporters lining the streets and DJ’s keeping you going through to the finish line in Shoreditch Park. This looks like it’s going to be a great event!

Exploring Shoreditch by foot

It’s honestly the best way! The graffiti lined streets are continuously evolving into new street art, there’s always something new to see. Make the most of your time in Shoreditch, whether it’s exploring the streets at lunch and finding undiscovered street art, or soaking up the summer sun with a drink at Boxpark.

When you’re in Shoreditch, you’re never too far away from something exciting!

With new openings monthly and plenty of events nearby, our offices are ideally located in the heart of East London. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today – Call us on 020 3984 9530 or email at enquiry@properoffice.com

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8 July 2019

How to get in the zone and have a productive day at work.

From Instagram to our colleagues, there can be a lot of distractions in the office. With endless notifications and emails right at our fingertips, it is no wonder that many of us are finding it harder and harder to concentrate throughout the day1 If you are struggling to check off your to-do list, we have some ways to help you get back in the zone and have a productive day.

Start the day off right

Having the right morning routine can make all the difference to your day. Try going to bed and getting up a little earlier so you are not rushed in the morning. Arriving at the office feeling calm instead of flustered will help you get in the zone and off to a good start. It will also give you time to have a proper brain boosting breakfast – acai bowl anyone? Eating the right food is also important; switch the sugary snacks during the day for a healthier option to keep yourself awake and productive throughout the day.

Consider factoring exercise into your morning routine as well. A quick jog around the block before you get ready will lift your mood, increase your energy and go a long way to helping you have a more productive day.

Mute those emails

We’re not suggesting that you ignore all of your emails, but let’s be honest they can be a major distraction. Replying to every email as soon as they come in can prevent you from getting on with any other work. Set designated times during the day to check your phone and emails rather than checking them continuously to minimise distractions and get back in the zone.

Be realistic

It’s probably not likely that you will be able to do everything on your list in one day. Be realistic about your goals for the day and make sure you prioritise so that you don’t spend time worrying about trying to fit it all in. Stress will negatively impact your productivity so taking steps to organise your workload will be beneficial overall. Get the biggest task out of the way first, so you can get back in the zone for the rest of the day without that hanging over you.

Tune out

If you work in a busy office environment, it can be difficult to tune out the noise when it’s time to get down to work. Listening to the right style of music can be beneficial for concentration and help you to focus solely on the task in hand2

On the other hand, some people prefer complete silence to increase their productivity. If that is you, find a quiet spot where you can get your head down instead. Serviced office spaces often have private rooms or quiet breakout areas that are designed to boost productivity or provide a calming working environment.

Finding the right office environment for you and your team will go a long way to boosting productivity. If you are on the look out for a serviced office space in Shoreditch, we would love to hear from you.

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1 July 2019

Meet The Professionals : Cinzia Semeraro

Name: Cinzia Semeraro

Title: Office Manager International Labs

Company: InterDigital Europe Ltd

How did you get your start in your career?

I have always been fascinated by technology. I wrote my thesis on Theory and Method of Mass Media within the Arts for my graduation and moved to London to complete my Postgraduate studies. Through the University I was offered a six-month work placement in an art gallery, during which I discovered my interest in business and administration. So, I started taking classes on the subject and looking for an office job.

My first job in the corporate world was for a Domain Names registration company, through which I pursued my studies in Business & Administration.

From there my Office Manager career in technology took off.

What are the first three things you do when you get to the office in the morning?

I check my inbox, add new actions to the to-do list that I usually draft the evening before and grab a bottle of water and a cup of Nespresso coffee. Then I’m ready to start the day!

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

I enjoy setting up new processes, monitoring their efficiency and improving the way I manage my work projects.

What is your least favourite thing?

Dealing with work speeds that do not align with mine can be frustrating.

Where do you work: rented space, serviced office, owned office, co-working space etc? Why?

My company is based in Great Eastern Street, where we rent the Ground Floor space, we’re located in the technology hub.

How important is office environment to you?

I spend more time in the office than at home, so my office environment has to offer the same kind of comfort as well as having the level of professionalism necessary for us to work efficiently.

Do you prefer open plan or individual offices? Why?

Open plan is where it’s at for offices in today’s world. Interaction, collaboration and idea exchanges happen better in this kind of environment. For the confidential parts of the job, a meeting room can be used if needed.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?

I would probably be organising conferences, business events, art exhibitions, sport events and the like.

What keeps you awake at night?

The to-do list I haven’t pulled together before leaving the office for the day.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting in the business?

Always have plans, but never expect to stick to them because things always change.

Did you have a mentor?

A CEO that I worked with for eight years or so was a great source of knowledge to me – I learned more in my weekly meetings with him, than I could ever have learnt from a book or through an exam.

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

If you were a superhero, what power would you have and why?

The gift of ubiquity. I would love to be able to be in more than one place simultaneously!

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