25 October 2018

Meet the Professional

This month for our ‘Meet the Professional’ series we spoke with Victoria Vannicola, Marketing & Content Strategist at Snapppt, a company that drives sales via Instagram. We sat down with Victoria to find out more about herself and her career.

What are the main things you do in your role?
I create campaigns for brands, match influencers with brands and campaigns, create social plans – IG/FB/Twitter and formulate analytics based on brands x influencer // overall reach (success) they had.

What are the first three things you do when you get to the office in the morning?
1. Check my emails
2. Open up Business of Fashion + Refinery 29 for ideas + industry news
3. Scan through influencers to check for new content

How did you get your start in your career?

I started working with Childrenswear – attending trade shows, I realized that I loved being with the people and being able to ‘sell’ a vision. I then moved into a PR role for a marketing company – this is where my passion for analytics and the science behind what makes the world of social stemmed.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Being able to create content – envisioning a campaign and having it come to life through the brand and handpicked influencers is so much fun!

What is your least favourite thing about what you do?

I think the worst part is telling someone they aren’t a good fit for a campaign, even though it isn’t personal.

Where do you work: rented space, serviced office, owned office, co-working space?

Owned office

How important is office environment to you?

Very important – if you don’t feel comfortable with your surroundings, your productivity definitely goes down. I hate feeling like I’m locked up in a quiet zone – work shouldn’t feel like a school library!

Do you prefer open plan or individual offices?

Open plan, but for meetings and video calls I do prefer an individual office.

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?


What piece of advice would you give to someone starting in the business?

It’s easy for people to make it seem like your job isn’t as important as theirs, they don’t understand the power of influencers & how important a campaign can be in the world of marketing. Big or Small – give every account everything you have. Do not get discouraged if not all your ideas work, it’s a learning curve!

Did you have a mentor?


Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

No one is promised tomorrow. Don’t take today for granted. We all have days where life just seems impossible – it’s important to remember that we need to enjoy every moment, don’t take anything for granted.

What keeps you awake at night?

How much work I know I have to do in the morning…. #procrastination

We hope you enjoyed learning about Victoria. Watch this space for our monthly ‘Meet the Professional’ series, where we will be interviewing a new professional each month and sharing everything from what they do, to what keeps them up at night with you from our serviced office space, Shoreditch based. Did you get a chance to read about Karen Lane in our last ‘Meet the Professional’ post? Karen is the MD at Plus 1 Communications in London business center Shoreditch, where she and her team thrive.

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