3 April 2019


The unwritten rules of an office may not be featured anywhere physically, but they need to be observed for a harmonious and pleasant office culture. So, what should you be aware of?

Respect Others

It should go without saying, but sometimes the little things can add up. Make sure you are respecting your co-workers by always greeting them politely, always asking before you borrow anything – be it a post-it note or phone and ensuring that you keep your office space tidy.

Get to know your team members

The better you know your team members, the more you know how to work with them effectively, and the friendlier the work environment is. It’s good to have someone you can ask for a second opinion or chit chat with – see our infographic on the 5 kinds of work friends you need.

Stay home when you’re sick!

Survey findings published in Digital Healthcare Review by PushDoctor.co.uk revealed that 86% of people will go to work with a contagious illness rather than take a day off to recover at home. Be considerate of your colleagues by taking time off if you’re unwell. Not only will this keep illness from spreading, but you’ll probably get better quicker too!

Turn up on time

We all run late occasionally – be it due to forgetting your wallet at home and having to go back for it, transport issues or sleeping through your alarm. If it consistently happens, consider changing your daily pattern to disrupt this pattern of lateness.

Make rounds of tea and coffee

So much of British culture centres around a warm beverage and offering to make your colleagues a tea or coffee when you make yours has many benefits. For example, learning how your colleagues take their tea and coffee will win you brownie points!

Don’t steal lunch from the kitchen

We all remember that scene in Friends when Ross has a meltdown over his missing sandwich. If you need to borrow a little milk, loop back to point 1 – always ask and replace it as soon as you can.

These points are even more true when you are in a shared office space, as there are likely to be several communal spaces, such as the kitchen and relaxation areas. Being part of a wider community such as a shared office space can be great for meeting new people. By following the unwritten rules, you are contributing to a lovely atmosphere for all.

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