15 April 2019

Work/life Balance

The division of one’s time and focus between working and family or leisure activities.

“s/he needs to get his work-life balance right”

The perfect work/life balance can be an incredibly difficult feat to achieve in today’s modern world. Technology means that you are reachable almost always. Even the tube, which used to offer some tech respite now has WIFI connectivity.

With newfound constant connectivity leading to many working outside of office hours, how can you strike the right balance and ensure that you see your nearest and dearest as well as your colleagues


Once you leave work, switch that phone off and resist the temptation of cracking open your laptop ‘for 5 minutes’


And not longer. Learn to prioritise your workload.


Decide what works for you and stick to your own personal rulebook to ensure you are getting the rest and downtime that you need to recharge.


Having a poor work/life balance can lead to burnout, chronic stress and a lack of personal as well as professional progression as you are unable to give your full potential to either side of your life as a result of exhaustion.

Increasingly, employers are recognising the fact that work/life balance is important and necessary in order to maximise an employee’s productivity. Happy employees are in turn spokespeople for their places of work – the benefits are clear for both employees and employers.

At Proper Office we are in constant communication with our tenants and work together to provide a space where a good work/life balance can be achieved. We do so by offering plenty of communal breakout spaces such as the shared kitchen and canteen area, our ‘magic room’ (where you can come for a much-needed lunchtime lie-down) and gorgeous rooftop garden. We also have a ping pong table if you fancy getting competitive and host weekly yoga classes. We are always looking at new activities and networking events we can organise for you.

If you want to be part of a mindful shared office space in Shoreditch then Proper Office is for you. Get in touch with us through our website, here.


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