19 June 2024

A Stunning Salon in Shoreditch

George Northwood is heading to Shoreditch! Now this vibrant pocket in the East End will be the home of superlative cuts and blowouts!

Northwood’s new salon in Shoreditch is the talk of the town. The celebrated stylist has been creating ground-breaking hairdos for the last two decades. In his illustrious career to date, he has styled the likes of Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rachel Weisz, Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore. But what really propelled him to stardom was his famous world tour with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Northwood is the talent behind Meghan’s stunning wedding day hair.

The king of ‘invisible trims’, George achieves effortless glam through his clever coiffures. His signature is the enigmatic ‘undone’ style. His salon on Wells Street in the exclusive Fitzrovia was a roaring success. His glorious descension upon Shoreditch’s Boundary Street has caused ripples of excitement throughout East London. Launched on 21st March, the new salon is the result of minimal and flawless design. The mid-century modern furniture complements the space perfectly.

“I’m excited to be in the vibrant neighbourhood of Shoreditch,” Northwood gushes. “I used to live here seven years ago and it’s changed enormously – there’s so much on offer now.”

It’s unquestionably a smart location. Nestled amongst the excellent Jolene Bakery, the trendy Clove Club and Northwood’s favourite independent pasta shop ‘Burro e Salivia’, the salon is sure to thrive. Northwood has really settled himself in, reflecting at how lucky he is to be opposite his beloved Boundary Brasserie and Shoreditch House, where his acupuncturist friend Ross Barr practises every Friday.

The salon’s hand-picked team have started work creating the most stylish barnets in Shoreditch. Could it be your turn to come and witness the Northwood magic?

George Northwood Shoreditch is on 13 Boundary Street, E2.

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