19 June 2024

Mural Mania in Shoreditch

Vibrant graffiti, provocative paste-ups, captivating murals and mind-bending sculptures glued onto buildings. This can only be describing one particular neighbourhood in London. It goes by the name of Shoreditch!

In Shoreditch, the walls, buildings, tunnels, bridges and shutters have become gigantic artists’ canvases. All this makes it stand out impressively from all the other London districts.

So, without further ado, here are the best, and newest murals in 2022.

Connectivity Matters

Colt Technology’s London Head Quarters on New Inn Yard and King John Court Street sports arguably the most striking mural in Shoreditch. Eight pairs of graffiti artists and street artists from all over Europe worked on allocated sections and covered the three-storey building with geometric shapes, cubist faces and colourful characters. This extensive piece, finished in 2018, is a must-see.


Boris the Clown

This humorous mural, a collaboration between Ante-ltd and Uncool Sam, couldn’t be more 2022! The two artists didn’t use sketches and didn’t plan in advance. A defiant mural, it has proudly adorned Fashion Street for over three years. Faded and vandalised, its impact is still as huge as ever.


The Whitby Street Lady

James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, is an Australian artist born in London. His enigmatic lady, gazes up in naïve amazement at the multi-coloured spheres floating towards her. The artist has cleverly created a perspective of depth here. This imposing portrait was created ten years ago but it was revitalised by Jimmy C in 2018.


Adore and Endure

Iconic and surreal, this piece depicts a pastel-hued building with four large windows. They draw you in like billboards. The windows frame a series of oversized faces. Each face belongs to a different person. The immense range of angles, perspectives, ages, sexes, personalities, emotions, expressions and actions of the different characters will take your breath away.

On the top left of the building’s roof are two abandoned train carriages covered in graffiti by Sime and Wendy, and perched on top of two giant containers. On the right corner of the roof is a Christiaan Nagel oversized yellow mushroom! All the elements are brought together under Stephen Powers’ stark and paradoxical message: ‘Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other’ .


I don’t like this anymore

In February 2021, Ben Eine, a typography artist, and his friend the Dotmaster, created this stunning 45-metre-long multi-coloured mural. The letters are multi-faceted and the words are striking prisms refracting a million splintered meanings. Read into this what you will. Absolutely incredible.

So hurry to Shoreditch – you never know you might be the first one to discover the latest work of art that has mysteriously appeared overnight!

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